Stevie Rae Causey is an author, podcaster, guest speaker, and general nerd living in the Pacific Northwest. Special interests include relational psychology, symbolism, hiking, and dogs. May very well just be a series of coping mechanisms in a trench coat masquerading as human.

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An ancient evil threatens all Azlana knows. Now that evil is living inside her head.

Mother to the child who would doom a kingdom…or save it.

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YASH: The Final Curtain

Post Title: YA Scavenger Hunt Welcome to YA Scavenger Hunt! This bi-annual event was first organized by author Colleen Houck as a way to give readers a chance to gain access to exclusive bonus material from their favorite authors…and a… Continue Reading →

Looking Back…

Four years ago when I started pursuing authorship, there were certainly more than a few obstacles to overcome. Many of those obstacles were me tripping over my own naivety. I stumbled through my first book without much help or knowledge,… Continue Reading →

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The One Where We Get a Little Academic Exceptionally Average Authors: Explain it All (EAAEA)

Join Stevie and Gretchen as they start off talking about dogs, again. Then Stevie walks us through the mechanics of building a new fictional world. Follow along as they go through the four parts of world building Stevie has mapped out. Though they are all tangled together, in the long run, they are all equally important and missing one could bring a story down faster than a field day tug-of-war. Book Recommendations: The History of the World in Fifty Dogs By Mackenzi Lee  Written in Red By Anne Bishop About Us: Find Stevie at: Instagram  Join my newsletter and get a free book ( Find Gretchen at: ( Join my mailing list ( Opening and Closing music: Corazon-Flamenco Guitar 1 & Corazon – Chord Patter 1 Artwork By: Becca Rocconi Instagram: Bexbakes_cakes
  1. The One Where We Get a Little Academic
  2. The One Where We Learn About World Building and Podcasts
  3. The One Where Stevie World Builds in Real Life
  4. The One Where Things Get a Little Serious
  5. The One Where Gretchen Gets a Little Too Pumped About Statistics